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A national approach is the best way to address critical hurdles to nationwide commercial ZEV deployment, such as the buildout of necessary charging infrastructure. It also accelerates the deployment of ZEVs across the transportation and logistics supply chain through the introduction of vehicle purchase incentives.

Regional or state initiatives should assist in ZEV deployment, where they can best address local air-quality concerns and encourage market success to maintain jobs and economic resilience.


We have formed the Partners for a ZEV Future to bring together stakeholders from across industries to advocate for a national approach complemented by programs developed by local parties who can best determine the needs and priorities of the state.

Federal vehicle standards are critical to the introduction of advanced technology vehicles.

A National Program for
our ZEV Future

  • We know the future of the transport industry is zero emissions.

  • We work every day to build that future together.

  • We believe a national approach provides the best way to reach our climate change and air quality goals.

Our Effort

Working together, we can achieve the end goal of ZEV commercial truck fleets

Specifically, our coalition advocates and calls for:

Policies and funding

to support charging infrastructure buildout, expedited permitting and incentivized ZEV adoption


between federal and state agencies, and pilot programs with public fleets to build knowledge and expertise

Private fleet and utility collaboration

to understand charging needs, and develop
make-ready programs


providing a platform to educate, facilitate stakeholder dialogue and ensure all voices are heard

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